How it works


What does the Mune sound like? It can sound like anything. A piano, a synthesizer - or it can provide effects for other sources of sound - or control your digital audio workstation. The Mune has many apps it can connect to.


1. Connect Wirelessly

Push the on button. Mune automatically wirelessly connects to its software on your Mac, PC or iPad. 


2. Select a Mune App

Select the Mune app you want to run from your device or remotely from your Mune. Alternatively, use your favourite DAW or MIDI-compatible software. Mune apps are many and varied - downloadable through the online "Commune". At launch we will have synthesizers, sequencers, live-loopers, DJ mixing apps and more.


3. Play!

It's that easy. There are apps for absolutely every level of skill - no training required to produce great sounds. Audio will be output from your device. Connect an external speaker for high-quality audio - or directly record in the Mune app..